Jaroslav Svoboda AGS

Glassworks in the middle of the Highlands.

Prof. Jaroslav Svoboda

Jaroslav Svoboda came into contact with the glass-making at an early age at the grinding workshop of his father, who worked for the glassworks named Inwald in town Poděbrady. Even as director of the glassworks in Škrdlovice he intensively care about the technical development of glass factory, but for him was equally important the artistic level of production workshop. Trough Glass Symposium Mr. Svoboda invited the front glass makers to cooperate. When he thought that this cooperation is bearing fruit in a growing mastery of glass masters in the glassworks, but it does not show too much in current production, began with great enthusiasm in the design of large collections of table and decorative items for glasswork in Škrdlovice. Again he tried recover forgotten techniques and was looking for ways to exploit unconventional combinations of technical and artistic concepts in design and in fine art. Jaroslav Svoboda's dream came true in 1990 when he open his own workshop in small village near by Škrdlovice in Karlov.

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